FAITH IN CHAOS / GROUND ZERO 03 by Nick Knight and Jens Laugesen

FAITH IN CHAOS, a film collaboration by Jens Laugesen and photographer Nick Knight, captures unparalleled access to Laugesen fitting the spring summer 04 collection in the run up to the third catwalk presentation at London Fashion Week. The film is a time-lapse piece shot by Nick Knight, which shows how Laugesen works to construct the silhouette of each garment around the body. The mood in this film is inspired by the design philosophy of the GROUND ZERO Trilogy and the idea of "morphing" different garment into each others, and the strong visual outcome of the "pixel winds" slice-cutting fragmentation of the turning images inspired Jens Laugesens future work, resulting in the signature slice-cut tuxedo jacket he developed for the first time for autumn winter 0405. The film was created for the audience of SHOWstudio and was first screened at Jens Laugesen's LFW show, in September 2003 and then later in Tokyo during Fashion Week with a pop-up exhibition in the Addition Adelaide store.

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