HR:aVE / Hybrid Reconstruction: After Valie Export by Marcus Werner Hed and Jens Laugesen

HR:aVE is a time-based portrait of both models and collaborators wearing garments and outfits from Jens Laugesen's autumn winter 0506 collection . As homage to the Austrian artist, Valie Export's video from 1976 "Raumsehen und Raumhoren", the film sets out to visualize the hybrid, intellectual morphing that Jens Laugesen uses as an important creative tool in the building of his collections.
The film is a single screen work, utilizing a split screen; slicing the participants portraits and silhouettes in half and reassembling them in haphazard juxtapositions; thus mixing genders and participants in an attempt to illustrate the philosophy of genderless clothing that is at the core of Jens Laugesens designs ethos expressed in the FUTURE NOW trilogy.

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