Jens Laugesen created 12 collections with his eponymous brand. Divided into 4 trilogies with each trilogy exploring different aspects of the evolution.

The brands concept was based on Jens' personal design philosophy "hybrid reconstruction", developed during his research at Central Saint Martins.

His research concentrated on "what would be in fashion after de-construction" and resulted in a vision of hybrid designs. Re-constructing or "morphing" fragments of garments and concepts from different origins together in a seamless way.

Evolving from a street credible urban collection that epitomised "de-construction" of the 90's his brand evolved to become a strong statement for the 21st century "conceptual Luxury", combining high concept with the traditional craftsmanship of the Luxury market.

Today Jens Laugesen has perfected his design method so that can it be applied to other luxury brands and collections. By focusing on the origins, identity of a brand, a clear Brand DNA can be identified, so that it can be re-composed in a new hybrid fashion.